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All news are on eggbits front page...check it out! - check out new version of paddleball, and Encryptor!
New update to Paddle Ball! Now has a computer (but kinda dumb) you can play with!
+ Bug Glitches
+ Angle Bouncing..!

I think the problem is that most people does not have jre 5.0
Click HERE
to download it. (It's a online installation)
Meanwhile i'll try to get a older version of SDK so most people can play it!

New game out! Paddle Ball is also in java... click HERE to play it!
It is similar to MultiFight, and i'll probably try to get a computer
you can play with!


I just started using java, and I made a simple, but intresting game called Guess Number. You can play this
game on the web! (as long your browser support java!) Click HERE to play it!


Major “Mask over!” Note this site looks much different! Hope you like the site better!  I’ll add more things later!

 Pacio v1.1 is out! It is a much better version! Includes:
 -Glitch Fixes (a lot of them)
 -Password-to skip levels you already played
 -Background Music
 -A "Superpower" if you collect 10 fruits!
 -Finally, a DELETE button for Terrain Maker!
 -Better navigation for Pacio and Terrain Maker
 -Finally, a better keyboard movement! (Thanks to Ben!) :D

-Wahoo, Hiscores!

 If you have any games you made, please submit to me at ! I will put it on eggbits for other people
 to play! An updated version of Default is coming up soon, and a new game-the Advance Band will like this- is coming out! <:0

  Pacio has some glitches, and most of them are FIXED. You can download Pacio v1.0 again (below) and play with less glitches! It might
  be helpful it your game. The keyboard is still under construction, but it's a tiny bit better. So try it out! :-)

3/13    Yes, most links still does not work. The Default Game is out for Pacio v1.0!
  I just been told there is still some annoying glitches to Pacio, but stay with it,
  I'll try to get another glitch change soon! Thanks!